People are talking, are you listening?

People are providing both positive and negative feedback about your company all the time.   Is someone monitoring the conversation and offering suggestions, or customer care?  Not only will the customer directly benefit from being heard, but the community surrounding them will take note as well.  With so many people looking to online rating systems, forums and their communities for service recommendations, it is imperative that you engage in the conversation. 


An interesting research study was conducted by the Society for New Communications Research entitled “Exploring the Link Between Customer Care and Brand Reputation in the Age of Social Media.”  When the group surveyed was asked, “What types of company(ies) in your personal experience have done the best job in using social media to respond to customer care issues?” this is how the results stacked up:


Telecommunications 10.3%

Banking 10.0%

Insurance 3.8%

Healthcare 2.5%

Utilities 1.9%

Automotive 11.3%

Retail 31.3%

Technology 35.6%

Travel 23.8%

No Reponse 27.5%


It is clear that Utilities and Healthcare came in with dismal percentages.  However, great change is possible and can be achieved through proactive measures including the monitoring and active participation in conversations online, freeing up the call centers and enabling companies to positively influence their brand’s image.