Does your company have someone actively looking to see who’s talking about your brand online?  It is increasingly important to have someone (a real person, like us) actively listening to the conversation so you can strategically respond, furthering your brand, deepening your relationships and the breadth of your community.  We recommend our monitoring service that enables you to have your pulse on what’s going on from the people that know how to take it.


‘Social Media Stats Report’ – An ongoing monthly monitoring service to evaluate a brands online presence which will result in a comprehensive report.  Each month you will receive our findings on the following areas:


What People Are Saying – Reviewing search engines, Twitter, and Forums to look for both positive and negative feedback to report, and if urgent bring to the clients attention for an opportunity to respond.  We’ll find out where your customers are hanging out and make sure there is someone listening to the conversation.

Competitor Comparisons – Research what is/ isn’t working for competitors as a tool for client’s improvement.

Ranking Information – From various relevant sites which will provide insight into how you stack up. 

Suggestions & Feedback – Areas that could easily be modified for results, as well as feedback on items that are working well.  This will give our clients a challenge for the upcoming month and keep them accountable for sticking with social media.

An Hour of Q&A – Your (1) hour could be spent on a special research project, to go over findings from a report, or just having us around on call an hour a month to answer questions.


If this sounds like something that your company could benefit from (rhetorical statement because every company should have someone doing this) contact us to discuss your unique product or service and how we might best work with you.