Ghost Blogging & Copywriting Services 



Perhaps you already know the magnitude of the great and powerful blog.  Basically it is an informal platform to provide interesting and thoughtful content to your existing customer, and those that should be, and existing customers.  Traditional media has been blown over by the instant gratification, and deep reach of social media.  As business owners we know when our time is being well spent, and when it is time to call in an expert. 


“… We highly recommend Emily's work and suggest hiring an outside blogger for at least a portion of your continuing blog marketing campaign. She is able to see the products and services more from a customer's perspective and provide information customers are actually looking for to research and make a purchase. Emily's post she created for this new site project is now responsible for just over 18% of our organic search engine traffic - a HUGE sign that not only is a continuing blog campaign important, but that Emily and the other folks at Brown Bag Agency are serious about what they do and provide, what I believe, to be the best writing/blogging services available.” Joe Williams, Founder / Consultant, One Sight, LLC in response to an introduction blog post written for .




If written correctly a blog, or blog series can:


  • Increase readership, and site visits
  • Be an affordable platform to share your opinions, industry news, and establish your expertise on a particular subject or field. 
  • Blogs also foster meaningful, long term relationships by engaging community interaction.  Dialogue will begin to emerge from cultivating comments and sharing opinions freely.   


“I've hired Emily at Brown Bag Agency to write a tutorial series of blog posts for Web Shop Manager. Her personality, and expertise on Social Media and customer relationships came through with every post. I look forward to her continuing with the series, and working together in the future whenever possible.” Dana Nevins, Founder & Chief Software Architect at Web Design Solutions, Inc. in response to Emily’s work on a blog series entitled “Developing an eCommerce Blog.” 




Today there are so many ways to get the message out to the masses.  Whether it’s Press Releases, MicroBlogging, Forums, Bookmarking Sites, or networking with other bloggers, we can help with that too.


The moral of the story is you are never alone when it comes to blogging and writing content for your site.  We are happy to help and look forward to starting the conversation with you.